If you want to change your life around and improve wellness in all areas of your life why not let me be your Wellness Coach. Coaching and wellness go hand in hand. My clients and I are in a partnership that benefits us both. There’s no diagnosis involved, no need to explore one’s past and no medication.

A Wellness Coach is not a consultant. The way it works is that both client and practitioner take experiences they've already had in life and use them in a positive way. There is nothing that can’t contribute to one's wellness now and in the future. Wellness coaching helps the client set realistic and measurable goals and can help identify resources in all areas of wellness. Meetings can be arranged anywhere to suit you - online, in the park, at my office or in your lunch break.

Wellness is applicable to any religious or spiritual beliefs or the absence of such. It applies to mind wellness, economic wellness, spiritual wellness as well as that of the body.

I hope to be able to work with you to empower you to make long term lifestyle changes. I can help you improve specific and/or general areas of your overall wellness.

  • identify ways to improve your life expectancy
  • help you better manage stress and interpersonal relationships
  • help you learn to manage work, life and other stressors
  • better manage your finances
  • get you organised
  • help you to see the steps necessary to achieve life change

Wellness coaching cannot cure all physical, mental or emotional ailments.

  • cannot tell you what you will be in the future
  • cannot guarantee you happiness and fulfilment
  • cannot guard against the actions of others
  • cannot protect you from your own choices
  • cannot offer you legal advice

It is really important that the coach you choose is the right one for you. We all express ourselves differently and you need to feel that you can reach your goals working with your particular coach. So if you are interested in either a one to one meeting in person or an online initial discussion please contact me on 07802 773562 or by email at kekellard@tiscali.co.uk.